Dare to disrupt. 

"Good company and good climbing go together" - Tom Patey

Duco dares to disrupt. We dare to be different. We dare to challenge; to choose the path less travelled. 

Wearing Duco is a commitment to friendship, to a life of adventure, to taking responsibility for our planet and to choosing the path which pushes you towards greatness.

Our mission is to Climb Higher and therefore we produce clothing which allows athletes to perform at their best, whilst wearing a Duco logo on your chest connects you to a community or empowered individuals making their marque on the world.



Our History

At the start of 2017, Tom and Kieran; two lifelong friends with a passion for adventure and brunch, started bouldering in Norwich and were totally hooked. The atmosphere, the simplicity, the friendliness, athleticism and problem solving – an inspiring mixing pot of positivity and collaborative spirit in an age of individualism.

"We felt that we should do something to bring more people to discover and enjoy this amazing experience. We loved everything about it, with one massive exception…the gear was really off-putting; gaudy colours, new age designs, either skin-tight or hopelessly baggy.

We wanted to fix this, and make technical climbing gear that both felt amazing to wear and looked awesome too.  So we developed a range of climbing clothes that perform just as well as the leading climbing brands, and are more in tune with the modern fashion styles of today. Clothes which were sustainable, had a meaning beyond their use and connected like-minded individuals together."

Tom & Kieran




Kieran Miles, co-founder


The Duco® Code

Adventure is our thing – at the heart of our what we do
Break it, fix it – a healthy obsession
Friends first – inside, outside, everywhere
Hungry appetites – it’s what drives us
Go seek – inspire and share
Do it right – we can make a better future together

Kieran & Tom, 2018

Kieran & Tom, 2018